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Autoloader issues on PHP7.1
  • Hi,

    I think I've found another issue after deployment of an app to server working under PHP7.1

    In the APP folder I have structure like this:


    Now, SomeHelperClass and OtherHelperClass sit in the global namespace so in the code :


    Accessing clasess from other dirs works as well:


    After migtation to PHP7.1 it doesn't work.

    The quick workaround is to add all the classes to the autoloader in application's bootstrap file, but it may be a bit of pain with large number of classes.

  • Any error messages? Or other helpful info?
  • The only error message is that PHP can't find requested class.

    PS. I can provide you with some sample code if that's any help.
  • Ok.

    I really need a php 7.1 setup now...
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Wait a sec:

    SomeHelperClass.php is an illegal filename, Fuel requires all files to be lowercase. See under "File Naming".

    You could get away with a filename like this on Windows (because the filesystem is case insensitive), but not in Linux (and MacOS depending on the configuration).
  • You're right, that fixed the issue.

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