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Adding Value to Fieldset-Select
  • Just a little question. Lets assume i have this Field here:

    $field->add('groupname', __('Select group: '), array('type' => 'select', 'options' => $groupname, 'class' => "form-control"), array(array('valid_string', array('alpha', 'numeric', 'dots', 'spaces'))));

    How can i add an additional ('options' => $groupname, 'value' => $groupId) behind that? So that every select that i add over the $groupname-array gets its responding value from another array/from the same?

    Help would be appreciated.
  • I don't understand that you mean. "behind what"? Adding a select over an array?
  • Hi James,

    I am new on fuelphp, but accordding to the docs () and if i can do understand it,
    the code your are need is

    $field->add(    'groupname',
                    __('Select group: '),
                    array(    'type' => 'select',
                            'options' => "$groupname",
                            'value' => "$groupId",
                            'class' => "form-control"
                            array(    'alpha',

  • Already tried that. The problem is, that when i add the value after my options, the value starts at 0 and just counts up. So lets say i add a foreach and give my groupnames + theyre corresponding id´s each separately an array:

    $group = Model_Usergroup::find('all');
            foreach($group as $group) {
                $groupname[] = $group->name;
                $groupid[] = $group->id;

    Now i have an Array $groupname with all the names for the options and an array called $groupid who has the values for each group. So just from the view of code, i would get the corresponding value in the same order than the groupname.

    The only thing i want is, that when the admin created a new usergroup, he can later on change all the rights that are given to this usergroup via the adminarea. So i would need to select the group beforehand and with the id thats stored inside the select i would then go to the grouprightedit-site to let him edit this group. But for that, i would need to store the id, because it can be that the groups are called the same and so i would have problems later on with finding the right group.

    To make it short: how can i add the options-value for a select when i wanna use arrays to give the values to each option?

    With greetings.
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    If you want to populate a dropdown from a database table, it's better and faster to use a DB query:

    // start the dropdown with a "please select...." placeholder
    $data = array('' => __('global.please-select'));

    // fetch the dropdown data
    $data += \DB::select('id', 'name')->from(\Model_Usergroup::table())->order_by('name', 'ASC')->execute()->as_array('id', 'name');

  • Thats one way, i just dont like the idea (my preferred style) to use different methods to retrieve Data from the Database. I would like 1 method (Like Model_Crud etc.)  and not different mixed together. But atleast this seems to work. Other way would be to not use Fieldset but to manually add the Form to the .php-file and then use some basic knowledge.

    But hey, works. So thank you.
  • Entirely up to you. 

    Both the ORM and Model_Crud are made for crud operations, and aren't suitable for fetching specific data sets quickly. Both are object based, not data based, and ORM caches as well, taking a lot of memory if you are not careful.

    Both also don't have the option to return key-value pairs, required for the dropdown option array.

    Add this code to the model using a static method, so you can use Model_Usergroup::get_groups() or something, so it's abstracted away, and you still have all database interaction in one place, in the model.

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