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Where is the fuel/core/config/config.php called?
  • Hello, I'am trying to understand the framework an get a problem with the file structure.
    The file public/index.php is require APPPATH.'bootstrap.php'; 
    the APPPATH.'bootstrap.php'  execute this: \Fuel::init('config.php');  
    thats means for me the config-file must be in the public path.
    But there is no one.
    Where (it means in witch file) is the framework calling there Standard-Config-File. I couln't find any load for this.
    Thanks for any hint in advance.

  • No, why do you conclude that? 

    'config.php' is just a parameter, a string passed to the init() method. If you look at that method, you'll see it does:


    to load the config file passed. The reason it is configurable in your bootstrap, is that is allows you to f.e. run multiple apps, or a frontend and backend app, from the same docroot.

    Perhaps read to get more of an understanding on how the configuration system works.

    btw, Fuel is designed to work completely outside of the docroot. The only php file that is exposed to the internet is the index.php file, in the root of your docroot (by default the /public folder).

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