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404 error when copying application to new computer
  • Hi,

    My application works fine and how I want it to at work, but when I brought it home to test it (I use the same environments at work and home) it would send me to the root controller but gave me a 404 error when accessing every other controller. Nothing has been changed I just copied and pasted the files. I was just wondering whether there was some setting that needed to be changed?

    I'm trying to get the application set up like WordPress i.e. you just copy and transfer the files to the server for a new installation of the application.

    Thanks a lot
  • That should work fine providing you make sure the file system rights are correct (i.e. the webserver can find all files) and the webserver virtualhost definition is the same. 

    The type of error you describe sounds like a rewriting issue. Same webserver? Same rewrite rules? Using htaccess or virtualhost definitions?

    We use git for our development-staging-release cycle, but essentially that is also coping files.
  • I'm developing using XAMPP but both are set up the same way.

    I had uploaded to Google Drive and tested it when I got into work this morning by downloading the files from there and setting up a new application but the same issue now occurs at work (where it worked before) so could be something to do with Google Drive? I can copy and paste the original files and everything seems to work okay but not the copy of the files I'd uploaded onto Google Drive (sorry if that sounds confusing).

    I'll try uploading it somewhere else and then test it and I will get back to you if that is okay. I should really learn to use git.

    Thanks a lot for your help.
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Perhaps zip it before you upload?

    I don't know what Google Drvier, and/or your copy method, does with hidden files for example? If .htaccess isn't copied over, I can imagine rewriting no longer works.
  • Well I feel like an idiot. I just had to zip it up I think. Always the the simple things.

    Thanks a lot for your help though it's much appreciated and really liking the framework.
  • lol, these things happen. Happy coding! ;-)

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