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FileSystemLoader baseDir must be a directory: UTF-8
  • Everything worked fine on Linux httpd, and so tried moving all files to windows 10 httpd, php 5.6.9 but now get this error. How would I fix this? and to understand better is UTF-8 some folder that is trying to be created on windows?

    I have user controller and trying to load the user/index page. Yes, using in the controller a View::forge('user/connect.mustache'  ...etc. 

    Mustache_Exception_RuntimeException [ Error ]:
    FilesystemLoader baseDir must be a directory: UTF-8

    C:/wwwroot/test/fuel/vendor/mustache/mustache/src/Mustache/Loader/FilesystemLoader.php @ line 59
    54            $this->baseDir = realpath($this->baseDir);
    55        }
    57        if (!is_dir($this->baseDir)) {
    59            throw new Mustache_Exception_RuntimeException(sprintf('FilesystemLoader baseDir must be a directory: %s', $baseDir));
    60        }
    62        if (array_key_exists('extension', $options)) {
    63            if (empty($options['extension'])) {
    64                $this->extension = '';

    1. C:/wwwroot/test/fuel/packages/parser/classes/view/mustache.php @ line 76
    2. C:/wwwroot/test/fuel/packages/parser/classes/view/mustache.php @ line 31
    3. C:/wwwroot/test/fuel/core/classes/view.php @ line 665
    4. C:/wwwroot/test/fuel/core/classes/view.php @ line 213
    5. C:/wwwroot/test/fuel/app/views/template.php @ line 80
    6. C:/wwwroot/test/fuel/core/classes/view.php @ line 244
    7. C:/wwwroot/test/fuel/core/classes/view.php @ line 260
    8. C:/wwwroot/test/fuel/core/classes/view.php @ line 665
    9. C:/wwwroot/test/fuel/core/classes/view.php @ line 213
    10. C:/wwwroot/test/fuel/core/classes/response.php @ line 382
    11. C:/wwwroot/test/public/index.php @ line 113

    I have already changed the app/development/config.php to have 'en-US' because windows needs a dash instead of an underscore compared to how it works on linux with 'en_US'. This got rid of the error "Fuel\Core\Fuel::init - The configured locale en_US is not installed on your system."

    return array(
            'profiling' => true,
            'locale' => 'en-US',



    return array(

       'always_load' => array(
          'packages' => array(



        'locale' => 'en-US',

    Now when comparing profiling's Config tab I noticed something these 2 below have "/" at the end but doesn't look right. Probably not the cause, but also wanted to include.



  • How did you install Mustache? 

    This is not a Fuel error, it is Mustaches file loader that complains it can't find the "UTF-8" directory. Not a rights issue?

    The last two are cosmetic, PHP doesn't really care, but this is because in the core/config/config.php these trailing slashes are hardcoded, instead of using the system contant DS. I'll push an update for this issue. 
  • So I tried looking online on how to properly install mustache on windows and if other people had this issue before.. but couldn't find anything good enough to follow.

    I decided to just work around it for now. My temporary solution was to add a hardcoded value in the FilesystemLoader.php file that sets the $this->baseDir value.

    Go to C:\wwwroot\test\fuel\vendor\mustache\mustache\src\Mustache\Loader\FilesystemLoader.php

    Add to line #56 a valid directory. This can be any directory that exists and in my example I just used the tmp dir in fuel/app/tmp like this:

    $this->baseDir = 'C:/wwwroot/test/fuel/app/tmp';

    This is just a workaround and prevents line #59 runtime exception. Also, allows me to continue to use fuelphp with mustache on windows.

    Hope this helps!


  • I feel very ashamed at the moment.

    Found this issue, a stupid copy and paste error, fixed here:

    Sorry about this... :-(
  • That's okay! I just tested the fix.. and it works great now on windows!


    Line #74

    if ($partials = \Config::get('parser.View_Mustache.environment.partials_loader', array()))

    I am happy to have supported and I'm glad that I can remove my workaround.

    Thank you for the follow up.

    FuelPHP is awesome!


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