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oil modify_fields
  • Hey, is there a modify_fields migration from oil ?
    I see in core code but I have not success, else not I used migration file with \DBUtils class.
  • You mean a commandline option?

    Looking in the code I don't think so? It's probably because the command can be extremely complex given what you can modify.

    Or do you have a suggestion?
  • Hey,

    yeah from command line, I was just thinking to : 

    php oil generate migration modify_myfield_to_mytable fieldname:enum["toto","coco", "popo"]

    I modify myfield from mytable for add "popo" in enum.

  • So: fieldname:type[constraint] ?
  • right. Iam not sure its implemented actually ?
  • It isn't. But I can see if it is possible without too much effort,
  • thanks

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