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default crypt
  • Why I can't use my own crypt file ? when I change it, it's back the fuelphp crypt default setting.
    I wanted manage different crypt file for each client ?
  • I don't understand what you do, want to do, and what you mean by "it's back"?

    The crypt config is just config, so you overload values using Config::set()?
  • Sorry for my bad english, is crypt file is self-created by fuel at runtime ? So I don't need to setup with new values on a new fuel app ?
  • It is only generated if it doesn't exist, because Fuel needs it to operate (it is for example used to encrypt the session). 

    But that doesn't mean you can't override the values in it, either via fixed values in an environment crypt file, or though some code.

    You just have to make sure the keys are the same all the time for a particular situation, otherwise you can't decrypt what was encrypted before.
  • ah I got it now, thanks again Harro ;)

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