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fuelphp 1.9-dev: imagemagick not working on PHP 7.1.8
  • Hi,
    I recently upgraded to fuelphp 1.9-dev from 1.7.
    I manage to make everything work, almost ;-)
    I tried all the day to make "imagemagick" to work, but I got an error :-(

    If I do for example:
    $imgpath = '/Users/gwenael/Documents/www/myproject2/public/imgfiles/image.jpeg';
    $imgLoaded = Fuel\Core\Image::load($imgpath);
    $imgLoaded = Image::load($imgpath);
    I got the error:
    A non well formed numeric value encountered
    COREPATH/classes/image/imagemagick.php @ line 31

    If I swicth to PHP 5.4.45, it works again, but I reallly need PHP 7!
    Am using MAMP 4.2.

    in image.php my config is:
    'driver' => 'imagemagick',
    'imagemagick_dir' => '/opt/ImageMagick/bin/',

    Any idea how to solve this problem?
    Thank you for any help :-)
  • Harro VertonHarro Verton
    Accepted Answer
    Odd that it works in 5.4.

    line 31 contains: md5(time() * microtime()) which is weird to say the least, as microtime() returns a string with two numeric values. It must be because of silent conversion in PHP < 7.

  • Thank you for this fast fix!
    I did some tests and it works fine, youpi :-)

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