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Expected behavior when forging a Temporal Model with an existing ID
  • I was messing with a temporal model and noticed that when I forge a new instance of one with an ID that already exists in the corresponding table, and then save it, it stores it in the table without a problem. I know this is expected behavior of the database since the primary key is id, temporal_start, temporal_end and the temporal_start would be different for this new instance. But i was wondering if the temporal model itself was expected to just let it happen or if it should have stopped it since that ID already exists in the table.

    I'm talking about forging new entries, not finding an existing one, making a change, and saving it back.
    The id in my model is not being auto incremented and I am setting it manually via passing it in with the array of data to the forge function.
  • I'm not sure, I've never really used it myself. Since ID in itself isn't a unique key, technically it is no problem to let this happen. But I understand why you ask.

    Probably the simplest solution is to create a UNIQUE index on id, so you can't do it anymore. 

    The alternative would be to do a SELECT on every INSERT, which is not an optimal solution either.
  • I considered the UNIQUE approach, but wouldn't that stop the model from creating new entries when you do an "update" since updates for a temporal model instance are basically just new entries with a different temporal_start time as well?

    Running a SELECT / Temporal_Model::find() to see if one exists before an insert isn't exactly ideal but might be the only way to make sure.
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Hmm... yeah, true. Shows I'm not an expert on Temperal models. ;-)

    You could extend \Orm\Model\Temporal, overload the save() method, and do your check there in case of static::is_new() ? Then it would be transparent for your app...
  • Thanks for the info and ideas. I'll see if I like that approach or if I'd rather go with a something that doesn't use the Temporal class.

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