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Configuration on DB
  • Hi everyone,

    I need know how to save/initialize the table on database named config with all default config for my app.

    And too, how can save new configurations on DB and not into a config.php file?.

  • You use an extension.

    So instead of 

    $something = Config::get('something');

    you would use

    $something = Config::get('something.db');

    to fetch it from the database.

    To save data, it works the same, so

    Config::save('something.db', $something);

  • Thanks for answer Harro, But this dont work for me...
    I have this code:

        $title ='Mi empresa';
        $var = Config::get('title.db');


    And the var_dump function return Null

    I need change anything on anyplace... i not understand the documentation
  • Did you create the 'config' table according to the documenation? 

    Is that table accessable via the default database definition? In other words, does this work?
    $result = \DB::select()->from('config')->execute();

  • I created the 'config' table.
    And yes, it is accessible through the default connection ...

    but this query

    $ result = \ DB :: select () -> from ('config') -> execute ();

    return this result

    Column not found: 1054 Unknown column '' in 'field list' with query: "SELECT` t0`identifier` AS` t0_c0`, `t0``id` AS` t0_c1` FROM` config` AS ` t0` "

    and I do not know why ...

    I can solved my first problem, y can create, edit and save the configuration on db.
    Now i need get all identifiers into an array or object for work with them.

    And the quoted query up, dont work, and i dont know method can be used for get this result without use pure sql queries.

  • and i need know how delete configurations.


    Dont work for me... -_-'
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    That result is from an ORM query, a standard DB query generates "SELECT * FROM config". So you have to look at your code to see what goes wrong.

    Configuration is in memory, so a delete just deletes in memory. You need to save after a delete if you want the delete to be permanent.

    There is no method to load the entire config table into memory, Config is designed to load only what you need.

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