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Edit values in config file
  • i have this array in the config file:
    'organization' =>array(
    'name' => 'example name',
    'address' => 'example street,
    'country' => 'Lebanon',
    'city' => 'Saida',
    'countryID' => '120',
    'legal_entity' => 'S.A.L',
    'default_pricing' => '(Default)',
    'default_pricing_ID' => '1',
    'default_warehouse_id' => 1,
    'email' => '',
    'website' => '',
    'phone' => '03 254526',
    'logo' => 'assets/img/Settings/LOGO.png',

    and i am trying to edit it from my website using this funciton, but it is not changing anything and not giving me an error:

    \Config::load('organization', 'foo');
                            \Config::save('organization', 'foo');

    please help me if you can, thank you!!
  • What is that file called?

    Assuming, based on your load statement that file is called "organisation.php". So if you load that, you'll end up with:

    'organisation' => array(      // name of the config file
        'organisation' => array(  // name of your array

    So you need to use \Config::set('', ....);

    Second point is that when you save, config files are written to the environment folder, so to ./config/development or ./config/production, and not to ./config. Files in ./config should only contain defaults for all environments.

    When you load it, both config files will be read and merged.

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