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Problem with float values
  • Hey,

    i try to store a float value (example 0.00039803) in my mysql database.
    i use the fuelphp orm but for some reason fuelphp stores the value as 0.000398 ...

    Any idea why?

  • How did you define the database column? 

    Are you using Observer_Typing with defined decimals of float format on the field in the model?
  • i tried decimal 16,8 & float ... tried to floatval the value before persist it via ORM / DB::update.

    No iam not tried Observer_Typing because the problem occurs even if i use DB::update

  • Enable the profiler in the config, and enable database profiling in your db config, and check what SQL is exactly generation. Then at least you'll know if it is a Fuel issue or a MySQL issue.

    I personally try to avoid floats at all costs, as floats are always stored as an approximation.
  • I tried decimal 16,8 to but same problem ;)
  • What does the SQL in the profiler show you?
  • Hey,

    INSERT INTO `user_deposits` (`amount`, `status`, `network_confirmations`, `txid`, `confirmed`, `credited`, `credited_at`, `created_at`, `updated_at`) VALUES (0.000398, 'waiting_for_confirmations', 152, 'f4221e739c0ddd8358a180fc2e47340f96ef22eca140079d6f2f124670705630', 1, 0, 0, 1527245735, 1527245735)

    fuelphp debug says

    Variable #1:
    (Array, 12 elements) ↵
    amount (Float): 0.00039803
    confirmations (Integer): 152

    Ok, maybe its my fault ..

    i think i have to convert the float value to x and than save it to db ...
  • Will,

    $user_deposit->amount = number_format($transaction['amount'], 8);

    do the job?

    i mean can i trust this value?
  • I'll have a look later today. This is a normal DB::insert(), or is this an ORM insert?
  • Problem found.

    The DBAL does a sprintf("%F", $val) to convert the float into a locale-agnostic float, as PHP uses decimal comma's in some locale's which most databases don't like. And for some reason that truncates.

    Next up: a solution...
  • Think I fixed it.

    $val = 0.000398036536274371421812;
    $query = DB::insert('test', array('value'))->values($val))->execute();

    stores 0.000398037 in a MySQL column defined as "float" without any decimals.

    The ORM has a similar issue in the Typing observer, so fixed that too.

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