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About FuelPHP v2
  • Hello there,

    I just installed fuelPHP v2 and found that folder structure is dramatically different from v1.

    But, document root is the same as v1.

    One of the big changes is that app/bootstrap.php is gone.

    I often use that for loading my lib, config and so on.

    Is there replacement for that?

    To make a new app, should I create folder under components and add folder path to public/index.php?
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    FuelPHP v2 as such does not exist.

    It has been a trial run to try out different routes and possible framework components. It is not production ready, it isn't even test ready.

    As of the beginning of the year, Fuel development has been taken over by our main sponsor, and the decision has been made to not radically break, but attempt to make a smooth transition for all changes required.

    First step is on the way, which is moving everything to composer and composers autoloader, and convert the classes to PSR4. Development will also start using gitflow. You will find the latest developments in the "develop" branch of the different v1 repo's.
  • okay.
    thanks for your information.,
  • When can we expect these changes to go live  ?

  • They will be introduced gradually.
  • Thanks Harro

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