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Warning showed when property is null
  • FuelPHP 1.8.1
    PHP 7.2.7

    class Controller_Company extends \common\Controller_Base {
    public function action_index()
            (\Auth\Auth::has_access('company.update') === false) and $this->restricted_page();

    $company = Model_Company::query()->where('master_account_id', $this->current_user->id)->get_one();

    The above code fails if the property "logo" is NULL .


    ErrorException [ Warning ]: get_class() expects parameter 1 to be object, null given

    COREPATH/classes/security.php @ line 241

    line 241

    elseif ($value instanceof \Iterator or get_class($value) == 'stdClass')

    The fix I made:



       return $value;


    elseif ($value instanceof \Iterator or get_class($value) == 'stdClass')

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