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Configuration error
  • I have hosted a FuelPHP application in a subdomain and only the routing _root_ responds. Other routing does not respond. Even the redirection of the _404_ routing does not respond. For all routing except _root_, I have a 404 response from the server. 

     How to solve this problem ?
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Then your rewriting doesn't work.

    Does you webserver have URL rewriting enabled?
    Have you installed Fuel correctly (with the public folder being the website root)?
    Does that folder have the correct .htaccess?
    Is your webserver configured to process the .htaccess?

  • As for the installation, yes, it was well done.

    The PUBLIC folder is the ROOT folder of the project. And, it contains the .htaccess file I have from FuelPHP (the default file). It's still an nth FuelPHP project that I'm uploading. But this time at a new host

    By cons, I do not know how to configure the server for rewrite since I subscribed to a shared offer of 1and1. This offer gives me some restrictions in the management of the server. But I think that the server is configured to process the .htaccess
  • That is easy to test. Make a typo in your htaccess file, if the server responds with a 500 error, it processes your htaccess. If it doesn't, it's time to contact 1and1.

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