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fuelphp 1.8.1 error : hex2bin() only expects hexadecimal characters
  • i move my app  to 1.8.1
    I got this error when using
    Crypt::encode("anything", 'R@nd0mK~Y')

    my config/crypt.php looks like :

    'sodium' =>
    'cipherkey' => '2235d0eb55e72d0d60e6cebdb08168be4ce7f9502cc3faca0f8f7c1907f46ff6',

    here is the full error :

    hex2bin() only expects hexadecimal characters
    VENDORPATH/paragonie/sodium_compat/src/Core/Util.php @ line 343
        VENDORPATH/paragonie/sodium_compat/src/Compat.php @ line 2472
    VENDORPATH/paragonie/sodium_compat/lib/php72compat.php @ line 944
    COREPATH/classes/crypt.php @ line 481
    COREPATH/classes/crypt.php @ line 153
    APPPATH/views/chatbox/settings.php @ line 145
    APPPATH/views/chatbox/settings.php @ line 145
    COREPATH/classes/view.php @ line 258
    COREPATH/classes/view.php @ line 274
    COREPATH/classes/view.php @ line 680
    COREPATH/classes/view.php @ line 227
    COREPATH/classes/response.php @ line 382
    DOCROOT/index.php @ line 117
  • Odd.

    Do you have the correct versions of everything? You updated the composer files in your app as well, and ran a "composer update"?

    I can't reproduce it:

    [wanwizard@catwoman] $ php -a
    Interactive shell

    php > require('/var/www/fuelphp/1.9deve/fuel/vendor/paragonie/sodium_compat/src/Core/Util.php');
    php > $x = ParagonIE_Sodium_Core_Util::hex2bin('2235d0eb55e72d0d60e6cebdb08168be4ce7f9502cc3faca0f8f7c1907f46ff6');
    php > 

    doesn't throw an error here?
  • i was using it as default with "R@nd0mK~Y" (ofcourse i was going to change it later)


    doesn't throw error for me as well

    $x = ParagonIE_Sodium_Core_Util::hex2bin('R@nd0mK~Y');
    Warning: Uncaught exception 'RangeException' with message 'hex2bin() only expects hexadecimal characters'
    Warning: Uncaught exception 'RangeException' with message 'hex2bin() only expects hexadecimal characters' in /var/www/html/chatbox/fuel/vendor/paragonie/sodium_compat/src/Core/Util.php:343

  • The cipherkey is a hexadecimal string, what gave you the idea that your value would work?

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