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Class Image Missing extension() method?
  • Hi,
    I'm using the Image class to resize an Image in one of my applications.
    It seems that the Image class is missing the method extension(), which is reported in the docs:

    I solved adding the following code in the class Image (fuel\core\image.php):

    public static function extension()
    return static::instance()->extension();

    Is in fact an oversight or I'm missing something?

    Thanks for your help,

  • Not an oversight, the docs state it is not available with a static interface.

    As to the why, no idea, the Image class was largely a contribution. It seems the only method in the docs that has no static equivalent, so I agree with you this is an oversight, I'll add it.

    Having said this, it is better to avoid static calls, but load a driver object with an image using forge(), and then use method chaining.
  • p.s. the online docs are for the current release version, which is 1.8.1 at the moment.

    Code changes happen in the develop branch, the docs for develop can be found here:
  • Hi Harro,
    I followed your suggestion and used a driver object.
    Now I can use the method extension() without any modification to Fuel's core.

    Thanks again.

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