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Scaffolding/Admin in a Module
  • Is there a way of generating a whole scaffolding/admin within a module? I've bee trying, and the closes I've come to it is by doing the following

    php oil g module glazes
    php oil g scaffold glazetypes name:string base_setting_id:int --module=glazes
    php oil g admin glazetypes name:string base_setting_id:int --module=glazes -s

    But the only thing that gets automatically placed within my module is the migration, everything else is placed in the default app folders. Is there a way to achieve what I'm trying to do? Or did I get the whole thing completely wrong?
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    I don't think there is module support for those, only for the indiviual types.
  • Harro, thank you for the prompt response, as usual. IMHO, it would be a nice feature to be able to have module support for scaffolding and admin as well, it would save me (and probably lots of other developers) quite some time :)
  • Can you create an issue for it at so the request doesn't get lost?
  • Just created it, thank you once again Harro

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