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Bug in QueryBuilder
  • Hi there,

    I see quite a lot of these errors in the logs:
     Error - Call to a member function rowCount() on boolean in /var/www/app/fuel/core/classes/database/pdo/connection.php on line 272

    and other places where rowCount() occure.

    Now its is quite difficult to reproduce that error but in general when you get your query running and kill the process on the DB, this is what happens.


    Its on Mysql 5.6 and Fuel 1.9dev
  • Sounds like something isn't completely up to date? All our apps run on 1.9-dev, and none have this in the log.

    edit: Following the code it is possible that $result is a boolean there if PDO::query() returns false, i.e. if your INSERT statement fails. 

    So while this needs to be addressed, you may have an underlying issue somewhere...
  • It shouldn't return false, the PDO driver sets the error mode to PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION to throw exceptions on errors instead of silently fail. Did you override the PDO attributes in your config?

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