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Help with Fieldset Form templates
  • I'm trying to use field_template and multi_field_template to format a form and having trouble formatting checkboxes and radio buttons. Specifically I can't get both the form label ("Countries") and the text associated with the checkboxes or radio buttons ("US", "Canada", "Mexico") to print. For example, I want something like (attempt to simulate radio buttons): <b>Countries:</b> o US o Canada o Mexico Simplified Fieldset code looks like: <code>
    $form_test = Fieldset::factory('form_test'); $form_test->add('radio_id', 'Radio', array(
    'type' => 'radio',
    'options' => array('us' => 'US', 'can' => 'Canada', 'mex' => 'Mexico'),
    'id' => 'radio_test',
    ), array(
    )); $form_test->add('submit', null, array(
    'type' => 'submit',
    'value' => 'Submit'
    I've gone through the function field_template() in form.php, and checkboxes and radio buttons generate $build_field as an array. If preg_match() on line 725 is true, then the checkboxes/radio buttons get text associated with them, but line 739 returns $template before the remaining code can build the text for the main label. Any help would be appreciated.

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