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once again on v2
  • Hi devteam !

    Any plans for v2 release ?
    Things moved on a bit since last major release.

    Any roadmap, some insight into planed functionalities ?

  • There are no immediate plans.

    Since the beginning of the year, Fuel has been taken over by our long term sponsor, FlexCoders Ltd, a London based development company. 

    This was done to secure the long term support, as due to poor health we couldn't spend enough time on its development anymore. I will continue to provide the support, health permitting, and maintainer of the public repositories.

    As I understand it is their plan to focus on long term support and compability, and therefore incremental improvements instead of new releases that are not backward compatible.

    We haven't had a discussion about roadmap and new functionality yet. Is there anything specific you would like to see?
  • These days PHP development is focused around Laravel and Symfony. I don't think that Fuel aims to be direct competitor to these frameworks, however it feels like it stays behind the pack. 

    Main criticism comes from not following PSR standards ( mainly PSR-4 / PSR-7 ).

    For me personally its a great platform however:
    - v2 ideally should drop all support for earlier PHP version and focus on PHP7 onward.
    - more decoupled components so I could chose for example different validation library and leave old one
    - better code coverage for unit tests of core components
  • PSR-4 is being worked on at the moment, the first set of code updates where committed to the develop branches (not 1.9-dev) some time ago, but it is not ready yet. Once it is, we'll ditch the non-standard branch names, and us it as the basis for a 1.9 release.

    Dropping PHP 5 support is going to be a challenge, given the installed base and the desire to provide long term support for existing applications. But it is being looked at.

    For decoupling and unit tests we have to get rid of the the current static interface. A lot of work has been done yet, but a lot more still has to be done.

    Having said that, I know that FlexCoders has been using the fieldset and validation packages that were written by Steve for v2 quite a while in their apps, so the fact that v1 has those built-in shouldn't stop you.
  • Excuse me for cutting in.

    Is the following URL for FlexCoders?

    If yes, I guess you better tell them that PHP information is completely visible for everyone.

    Check this URL.

    I found this URL on their twitter page.

  • Yes.

    And no worries, that is not the same site, not even the same server. 

    They also do managed hosting, and these pages (you'll also find php55, php56, and so on) drive the automatic versioning system of, which indicates which PHP versions they can support on their hosting platform.

    It isn't even real phpinfo() output, it is generated HTML running on a special VM with no webserver and no PHP installed, only a small Python script that returns the html for the requested version based on hostname.
  • I see.
    Thanks for comment : )

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