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mssql driver
  • fuelphp Sql Server driver not work for me in windows.
    so i change that and now it work.
  • Some remarks:

    1. What doesn't work?
    2. Why did you never report it didn't work? 
    3. Why write your own, and not update the existing drivers?
    4. Why create them as core classes when they aren't?
  • hi harro,
    What doesn't work? original driver not work in select or return insert id and ....
    Why did you never report it didn't work? please see :
    Why write your own, and not update the existing drivers? [ok]
    Why create them as core classes when they aren't? [I do not have much time in the projects I do, the quickest thing I could do]
    if you remember postgresql discussion(
    i do same for postgresql driver
    If I can do these things better, please tell me.

  • It isn't very decent to use the efforts of other people through an open source product, and then not contribute your own improvements back.

    As mentioned before, we don't use Windows (or any other MS product) and we don't really use PostgreSQL in our company, which makes it difficult for us to improve and/or maintain those drivers. We do rely on contributions for that.

    With the design changes to the database layer in 1.8.1, it is now possible to overload every function of the default PDO driver, the default query builder, and the default schema class. This makes it a lot easier to create platform specific drivers, by simply extending the PDO driver and changing what is needed. 

    If you need any assistance, just let me know, we can help with the code, we can't really help with the SQL or the test work...
  • All my PHP projects are based on this framework, And I can not tell the customer : you should definitely use Linux. When the entire customer accounting system is on Windows, it has 10 years of data. The same is true for postgresql

    Should I tell the client that the framework I use does not support Windows?
    In this case there are three decision modes:
    1- Do not accept the project
    2- Use other frameworks
    3- Change the current framework
    What do you think the decision is right for?

    If you think you've been giving me a lot of help with code, both on IRC and on the forum.

    I think the framework is generally designed for general needs, the biggest benefit of this framework is that it can be easily changed.(Thanks to the development team)

    Of course, what I did was not very important, the codes were already there, I just changed it.

    As I mentioned, I was the fastest thing, not the best, I'm trying to do based on your advice.

    Sorry I replied late, I was cold.
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    I didn't say that, I only said that we don't have the infrastructure and the people to work on Windows specific solutions.

    As an open source framework, it is open to everyone to contribute improvements, additions or new features, with the idea that together we can make it better for everyone.

    As to the DBL, we basically have two options: improve the existing code, or migrate to for example Doctrine's SQL builder, and possibly loose backward compatibility. 

    For the existing code, we don't have the time, the people and the means to support every platform out there, so we need to rely on contributions. No contributions is poor platform support is a less usable framework. It works both ways... ;-)

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