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controller error
  • Hello,
    One of our customer's website has an error.This error is happened after we moved it to another server.But php version is same on both server.
    Error log
    Error - Controller_Error::router() or the controller after() method must return a Response object. in /fuel/core/classes/request.php on line 426.
    Fuelphp version is 1.0 according to first lines of config.php
    What should I do to website is back online.
  • That is a very old Fuel version. ;-)

    When you move stuff, the most obvious issue might be permissions, so check your logs (web/php/app) for any error messages.

    If that is not it, the router() method of the Controller_Error class has returned something else than a Reponse object, so you will have to check the code to see what it returns, and why.

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