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Calling global presenter from a module...
  • I split my app to 3 parts: public as main (global) application, admin and users as modules. In some cases I want to reuse global (common) code in my modules and I use presenters for some parts of template (widgets).

    So, when I try to reuse my global widget in admin module:

    $presenter = \Presenter::forge('widgets', 'do_lang_switcher', false, 'widgets/lang_switcher');

    I've got an error:

    Call to undefined method Admin\Presenter_Widgets::do_lang_switcher().

    Why global widget called in module namespace context? How to force run it in global namespace?
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Can you post the trace at the bottom of the error page, so I can see what triggers the error?

    Also, which Fuel version are you on?
  • Never mind. I already copied code of 'do_lang_switch()' method to modular widgets class.
    Thank you for attention.

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