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  • As in changelog for 1.7 there is:
    Where relevant calls to `call_user_func_array()` have been changed to `call_fuel_func_array()`, our internal equivalent which is about 30% faster.

    is this sill a thing in php 7.x or performance of this function has been improve and could be potentially replaced for native function call ?
  • The point here is that if you know the number of arguments, calling the function directly is a lot faster than using call_user_func_array(), and this is what call_fuel_func_array() does. 

    This is still true today, although speed varies between PHP versions, and the method of solving it.

    Up to PHP 5.6, it is solved using a check on the number of arguments, and a switch() to call the method directly. From PHP 5.6 onwards, a variadic function call is used (which is faster than using switch).

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