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[Bug report] How to pagination templating missing
  • I can nowhere find in the docs how to do proper templating with the Pagination class. It only states this:
    "Every pagination instance uses a template to generate the HTML needed to create the pagination markup.
    You can store your standard templates in the config/pagination.php file. Copy the file from the
    core config folder to your app config folder before you make any modifications. The default configuration
    file comes with three templates, the FuelPHP default, and a Twitter Bootstrap v2 and v3 compatible template.".

    Nowhere is said how to use that config. After looking at the source code, I found that you have to use 'name' => 'config_name', but it would be wonderful if that can be fixed in the documentation.

  • There are the templates you mentioned pre-created, which you can find in the pagination.php config file, in the core/config directory. The file also contains some comments that should help you with what's what.

    You can create your own in the pagination.php config file in your app/config directory.

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