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  • hi,
    problem with query builder
    fuel version : 1.9 (updated)
    query :SELECT id
    FROM users
    WHERE (data->>'access')::jsonb ? 'text'
    compiled query : SELECT id
    FROM users
    WHERE (data->>'access')::jsonb ? 'text'
    error : error : syntax error at or near "$1"
    LINE 1: ...ROM "users" AS "t0" WHERE (data->'access')::jsonb $1 'accoun...

    why query builder change '?' to '$1' ?
    (i use DB::exp and direct query and results are same)

  • This is PostgreSQL?

    Afaik there is no support at all for this syntax, so that needs looking at.

    You might want to check if DB::expr() is supported:

    ... ->where(\DB::expr('your expression here'))-> ...

    If you use DB::query() and you still have the problem, Fuel is not involved. It could be PDO sees it as a parameter placeholder?
  • hi Harro,
    yes i use PostgreSQL,
    DB::expr and direct query DB::query() have same problem.
    yes exactly PDO sees for parameter placeholder.
    but its new!
    old version of my application (about couple month ago) work fine.
    I'm afraid to update previous versions (my application) and it will be a problem
    the problem is currently solved by writing the function on the database side.

  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    I have no recent experience with PostgreSQL, so json syntax this is new to me.

    It might be time to have a specific driver for PostgreSQL so you don't need to use the generic PDO driver...
  • Excellent, can I help too?
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    To create a new driver, you need to create a directory in fuel/core/database (I suggest to use "postgres") which will become the driver name, and create a connection.php class in there that extends the PDO one.

    You can look at the sqlite driver how it is done, and how it uses the extensions of query builder classes to compile non-ANSI-standard SQL.

    then in your apps' db.php config, change the driver from "pdo" to "postgres".
  • its done but need more test for security

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