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Fixed bugs "Fuel requires Sodium support in PHP. Either use PHP 7.2+ ... paragonie.php on 33
  • Hi all, 
    I using fulephp 1.8.2 but my php version is 7.0, if you use session, log show erros as: 

    "Fuel requires Sodium support in PHP. Either use PHP 7.2+, install the libsodium PECL extension, of the sodium-compat composer package! in fuel\core\vendor\paragonie.php on 33"

    To resolve this problem: 
    1. Composer update 
     -  First: In directory : fuel/core/composer.json, update this line: "paragonie/sodium_compat": "1.9.4",
    - Then you run: php composer.phar update
    2. Edit file crypt.php
     - Go to path: fuel/core/classes/crypth.php 
     - Edit file: add line before "import('paragonie.php', 'vendor');" as below
    import('paragonie/sodium_compat/autoload.php', 'vendor');
    import('paragonie.php', 'vendor');
  • Update to 1.9-dev. Still haven't gotten around to tagging it with a 1.8.x release.

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