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Runtime Deprecated code usage - preg_match()
  • Hi,

    My php version is PHP 8.1.9 (cli) 

    When I try to run my fuelphp. I got this error message.

    ERROR - 2022-08-28 15:37:04 --> Runtime Deprecated code usage - preg_match(): Passing null to parameter #2 ($subject) of type string is deprecated in /var/swoole-fuelphp/fuel/core/classes/asset/instance.php on line 398

    Thanks for help

  • Which Fuel version are you using?
  • Pushed a fix to make sure the default asset URL is a string.
  • Fuelphp 1.9
  • With the default config it should be fixed.

    If you use a custom asset config in your app, make sure the url is a string (i.e. not NULL).

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