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Sneak peak...
  • what's going on?
  • HarroHarro
    Accepted Answer
    Slowly starting work on a 2.0 version.

    Still very premature, the core works to the level of the Welcome controller (controller, config, routing, views. presenter, PSR DI container, request/response and logging).

    A lot more cleanup is still needed, some factories are still missing, and a lot of unit tests still need to be written.

    And for the rest nothing is there yet, no database, no ORM, no Auth, no oil, no tasks, no themes, etc.

    So still quite a way to go.

    Once we're confident the code can be called 'alpha', we'll make the repo's public.
  • this is awsome. thank you.
  • Looks like a reboot of previous v2 branch - awesome!
    If you need some help, let me know I might find some time.
  • Some repo's are being reused, to avoid losing history. Others are newly created.

    Only the existing ones are public at the moment, the rest will be made public when we're sufficiently happy with the code.

    When the core code is stabilized, help is needed writing tests and getting code coverage.

  • Good to hear, this is excellent news !

    I recently started a project forked from fuel 1.9, which aim to be a php toolkit more than a full featured framework. With the emergence of tools like swoole, and improvment of PHP's performance and stability, the language will expand outside the website/webapp world and be more attractive for projects such as game server, microservices or IOT.

    So I basically removed a lot of stuff (controllers, templates / views, orm, packages, modules...) and am currently refactoring and modernize the rest, adapt it better to moderns PSR standards, as well as full covering it with unit tests.

    If some of what I am doing can be brought back to fuel 2.0, will be glad to share and help with that.
  • Even with 1.x you are not required to use any of those framework components, packages have always been optional.

    2.x will be build on standard library components as much as possible, following the PSR standards if and when possible. With the framework being the glue and providing the application layers on top. It will be up to the developer whether or not to use them,

    The biggest challenge is to get rid of the static interface without making it complex and slow. I don't want to fall into the Laravel trap...

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