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Fuel Framework and my history
  • Hi, First of all you guys do a amazing job with this framework Before I start using a framework, I just used mine for years PHP (PHP 3, PHP 4, PHP5).
    One day in a larger web project which required more organization, security, performance, etc., I felt I needed a trial of the framework.
    After a long search and several comparisons and opinions I chose CodeIgniter, why? perhaps for simplicity, performance, documentation, was also my first time and a friend of mine told me that he used this framework on a website apparently well constructed and functional (well known), and I asked him: How long was developing in PHP? He says: It's the first time I work in PHP, I'm helping the community. But it is quite easy to learn and use this framework because of its documentation, I am very pleased.
    I was impressed and gave a try to the framework.
    I started using and it was fairly simple adaptation, the framework has done a good job and did what he promised, I used PHP5 functions to optimize my code and some extentions. Overall I started to like frameworks. After some time I felt it was time to move on and choose a more robust framework with more features using most PHP5, but do not steal it very performance and had the same good documentation. So I chose Yii, a major framework with a large community and many extentions. He served very well for my large-scale project, I learned quickly and was incredibly lightweight framework for the things he had.
    Again, Yii is a framework amazing and I never regretted. In a new project, a personal portfolio I wanted to use a framework again, but did not want to use a framework that is as complete and "heavy" as Yii for this type of work. That uses only static pages and little programming.
    Just wanted to benefit from the MCV and the array of features, extensibility, security, etc..
    I wanted something simple and effective as CodeIgniter, but would not return to the CI, I have always been a person open to new things and like to try several alternatives, then I remembered a framework, FUEL, I saw the ad on a page of resources for web developers. Again I did some research, I visited the page, I saw the documentation and the community. Quickly something made ??me love the FuelPHP, perhaps PHP5.3? he look like? what they said about him? simplicity? I do not know, but my mind was right.
    Fuel is a brilliant framework, which uses the best technology (PHP5.3) to optimize its performance and speed. In short words Fuel Framework is lightweight and robust, Best of CI and Yii.
    I am very pleased and I hope a great future for the FuelPHP. I'm a web developer, with 6 years of PHP/MySQL experience, before i start into PHP, i learned C, and C++
    After PHP, i get into C# (WinForms Applications) and Python Once again Thanks!
    Tiago Conceição

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