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Used Fuel to Create a Logo Poll for Our Company
  • Hey guys, I used Fuel to create a logo poll. The app is really simple, and allows people to vote for the design they like the most, tell us why they like it, and optionally sign up for our newsletter. There is a backend that lets an admin add / remove designs, control some settings (like text displayed to users, and whether the poll is open or closed), as well as maintain an IP whitelist / blacklist. IPs on the whitelist can submit multiple votes, while IPs on the blacklist can't submit any. After our poll is over I'll put the source on GitHub. First app in Fuel and I really enjoyed working with it. The framework is very intuitive and simple. Here is the URL of the live logo poll: Cheers!
    - Calvin
  • Would like to see your backend admin panel, just out of curiosity. Any idea when/if you will put the code for everybody to see?
  • nice ... great job!!!
  • Nice Calvin, good work! I think such website is useful for many companies, doing web designs :)
  • If one changes the ID of the logo to an alphabetic character, PHP throws notices. It's in development environment? NBS
  • @nbst I did this in a weekend, and I didn't figure anyone would be changing IDs in the URL. If no result is found or the ID isn't numeric, I suppose a redirect back to the home page would be appropriate. I'd be happy to github this code and turn it into an open source polling system if you want to help improve it. It's got an easy to use admin panel as well.

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