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Complete tutorial
  • Is there a complete step by step tutorial that one can follow, much like the zend one. where you can create a simple app that uses a database, basic CRUD, just to see how everything fits together. This would be much appreciated
  • Not yet and unless community contributed not our first priority. Getting a 1.0 final release and finishing documentation are the highest priorities currently. There are some example applications though as mentioned in the 1.0 beta release blog:
  • Hi, I just downloaded the beta and was playing around with it but saw nothing on how models and third party libraries fit in. I was looking for a tutorial that shows how to use these. I didn't see anything in the documentation. I want to build a simple database driven app. I am a codeigniter background and i see many similarities.
    I really live fuel so far.
  • Hello, don't know if it will be much help to you, but if you can run commands at your host, you can try this:
    php oil g scaffold monkey name:string description:text

    It will generate controller, models, and migration file ( used to create tables etc etc) then you run:
    php oil refine migrate
    and it will create temples etc.. More info on OIL package here -

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