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Rewrites using IIS
  • Is anyone having trouble using the .htaccess file using IIS hosting? I've never used it before but had a go last night and It doesn't seem to work at all?
  • Haven't used IIS since a long long time so maybe now they added support for this, but are't .htaccess files specific to Apache only?
  • Correct, .htaccess is Apache specific. IIS doesn't have any URL rewriting capabilities out of the box, you will have to install a module for that. If you Google for "iis url rewriting" you'll get tons of info on this subject...
  • I just moved a project (but not a FUEL project) from Apache to IIS (Version 7.5) and it worked good. The IIS Rewrite Module contains a importer for .htaccess-files, so it was really simple. Things I had to learn:
    - IIS does not support UTF-8 in rewritten URLs (the values of some server variables like REQUEST_URI are encoded incorrectly). A hotfix and a registry entry solved this problem:
    - Use rawurlencode() instead of urlencode() or you will get problems with spaces encoded as "+"

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