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  • I'm still workin' on it... I have model 'News', that have get_entries( $limit, $offset ) method like this. I have controller like this. And, of course, view - like this. In routes.php I added...
    'news/(:segment)' => 'news',

    All works... but not as expected. 1) Link that should point to page #1 always is unclickable (it's not link) and bold. It doesn't care about URI's segment or whatever,
    2) Order of news are some kinda f*cked up! You see, on #1 page I have news with ID's from 10 to 6, on #2 - from 9 to 5; Please take a look at these question and this time... try to help me! I'm counting on you, guys! xD

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