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Question in Quora, what is FuelPHP?
  • Can some help me out with this? thanks
  • Done the update on quora check it out, are you happy with it? Btw if you want to answer/comment Bilawal Hameed, do so in quora aswell. Thanks.... and if someone has better answer. Please do so.
  • Did you write this, or did you bump into it?
  • well, i wrote the question on quora.... then other person respond. And i though mabye just post it in the fuelphp.
    Mabye some powerusers can write better answer on the question. Need more details? Mabye process how i wrote the question in quora? :)
    A PHP framework that uses the (H)MVC pattern.
    Framework analyse, smart, samples
    To answer the subtitle: Done. Question answered.
    Btw I read that response from Bilawal Hameed whom is apparently someone who knows part of the story but has little clue what he's talking about.
    Unlike other frameworks like CodeIgniter and Yii, FuelPHP claims that it will "take the best features from other frameworks" which is what will set them apart and development will be much faster as they are only supporting PHP 5.3 and over therefore reducing any backwards compatibility needed if you were supporting PHP versions under 5.3.
    This is just a weird and wrong rewrite of the stuff we wrote on our website and should not be taken as what we meant to say, a copy paste like Saidy Smeenk did would have been a lot better.
    I haven't personally played with the framework, but it looks good. It is still buggy
    So he never used Fuel but feels he can judge it to be buggy?
    and claims to have "quite a while until it's stable"
    When and where did we say this? Sounds like another case of rewriting a quote far and far beyond its meaning. We have actually stated we hope to release the 1.0 final version within a month, though we make no promisses as all of us have jobs/lives which are our first priority.
    According to their documentation, they are still way behind other frameworks due to the fact that it only supports one subdirectory
    LOL, according to this guy our docs say we're "behind other frameworks"? And where do we support only one level of subdirectory? (he probably means controllers, but he should say we only auto-detect one level which is by design and can be easily overcome with routing)

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