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Swiftmailer with Fuel
  • I have been using Swiftmailer just a 1 line integration was all that was required. Steps: download swiftmailer. copy the swift folder in to packages create a file called bootstrap in the root of the swift folder (Same as auth and orm packages) Here is my bootstrap.php
     * Fuel is a fast, lightweight, community driven PHP5 framework.
     * @package    Fuel
     * @version    1.0
     * @author     Fuel Development Team
     * @license    MIT License
     * @copyright  2010 - 2011 Fuel Development Team
     * @link       [url=][/url]
    require_once __DIR__.'/lib/swift_required.php';
    /* End of file bootstrap.php */

    in app/config/config.php add it to your packages like so...
    'packages' => array(

    or use Fuel::add_package('swift'); in your controller and my test controller...
    class Controller_Testmail extends Controller &#123;
      * The index action.
      * @access  public
      * @return  void
     public function action_index()
        $Transport  = Swift_MailTransport::newInstance();
        $Mailer     = Swift_Mailer::newInstance($Transport);
        $message    = Swift_Message::newInstance()
        //Give the message a subject
        ->setSubject('Test subject')
        //Set the From address with an associative array
        ->setFrom(array('' => 'Local1 Localhost'))
        //Set the To addresses with an associative array
        ->setTo(array('' => 'Test Name'))
        //Give it a body
        ->setBody('Here is the message itself')
        //And optionally an alternative body
        ->addPart('<p style="color: #336699;"><q>Here is the message itself in it\'s various guises</q></p>', 'text/html')
        //Optionally add any attachments
        $this->response->body = View::factory('welcome/index');

    Seems to work ok well at least no issues yet ... Hope this helps someone. Phil.

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