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example for creating module in fuelphp
  • Here is the pretty simple example of module for fuelphp
  • Examples like this should appear in the Fuel docs really but as with most things time is the issue.
  • Chase Hutchins wrote on Wednesday 20th of July 2011:
    Your view says "hell o" ;) Also, not that views aren't able to have <?php echo ''; ?>, but why are you echoing something that could very well be just a standard text value (without the <?php echo '...'; ?> funness) All in all, looks like it's a pretty good tutorial, and I'm sure it will help tons of people getting started with modules.
    Syntaxq , i mean they can have anything in their view file .Thank u for ur response
  • I think the docs should have commenting enabled - like - so that people can share their own tutorials related to the specific page, and have a function where admin can make something sticky if it is really good, like a screencast or something, and move things up the page as well. Just my 2 cents...
  • (staging site), source on We're working on it, and at the same time trying to create a public application that can be used as an example of most of the functionality FuelPHP has to offer.
  • when will this function available to public?
  • I give you the link? I can not be more public than that?

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