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Payments Package in Development, Need Testers
  • As you may note from the ninjarite development group github page, we're working on quite a few packages. One of the packages, fuel-payments needs some testers to play with the available drivers (Paypal and Authorize as of this post) to let me know if they're functioning properly, as well as any requests you have to make them better. Would love some feedback, and potentially even some pull requests! *note* Make sure you check the develop branch, not just the head.
  • I am finishing up a contract with a reseller of so I'll be able to test.
  • Great! Would you be implementing ipn feature for the paypal? I'm working on a website thats uses paypal for payments so looking forward to using your payment package. Thanks for your contribution.
  • Yes sir. It's in the roadmap :)
  • Frank Bardon wrote on Tuesday 26th of July 2011:
    Yes sir. It's in the roadmap :)

    Thanks nerdsrescueme :)
  • Not 100% sure how it should be added yet though, seeing how it is a slightly different process than an API call... Perhaps it needs 2 process calls, each handled differently?
  • What are you thinking of implementing ipn type solution or nvp type solution?
  • By that I mean fsockopen or CURL.
  • So far weve been using curl... Open to other ideas though.
  • At least fsockopen is guaranteed to work. I have a couple of clients who don't have curl enabled on their servers. The guy who built the servers (inhouse) say they don't need it so they won't do anything about it. knuckle draggers.
  • Thanks Dregond this maybe useful. Much appreciated.
  • I'm actually trying to get together an external request class. Maybe all methods discussed could be implemented.
  • Hey guys, this may be a bit of overkill for a lot of uses... but I'm putting it out there just the same... Let me know what you think. External-Request
  • I'm in the process of creating a vendor package for curl, to provide curl support (using sockets) for those who do not have the library. This will substitute the lack of curl support on others servers.
  • I think I already have the beginnings of that class :)

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