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Uri class
  • I miss a feature to access router segments. Uri::rsegment();
    Uri::rsegments(); Or is there an other way to have access to these segments?
  • We don't really have routed segments, the important parts are saved with the Request object:
    Request::active()->module // current module
    Request::active()->directory // current controller directory
    Request::active()->controller // current controller
    Request::active()->action // current controller method
    Request::active()->method_params // current controller method params
  • Why is it called Request::active() if everything is about the current URI? Wouldn't it sound better if it was:
    Request::current()->module // current module
    Request::current()->directory // current controller directory
    Request::current()->controller // current controller
    Request::current()->action // current controller method
    Request::current()->method_params // current controller method params
  • You'd be right if it were only about the Uri in a MVC framework, Fuel is HMVC however by design. Which means that any request has these settings and the active request is the one you're currently in. In a HMVC request these values will be different than within the main request that was actually called from the Uri. Edit: and I forgot to explain: this is not about the Uri. CI may call this routed Uri, not so in Fuel. This is a Request object that executes your controller and the action (method) in that controller. A request object's properties can be used to describe the routed Uri, but that doesn't mean it's the same.

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