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Ask your question about FuelPHP in the appropriate forum, or help others by answering their questions. - Built a Site to Market Our Company's Services
  • I just put the first version of a site to market the lumber handling equipment that our company manufactures online. This is a unique site in that the target market is very small, but each customer can mean tens of thousands to millions of dollars in revenue. So we may only have 100 people use the site in a month, but those are 100 VERY important users. Don't fool yourself into thinking this is just a brochure site. The CMS is very powerful, and the database supports full internationalization (while still indexing - which will allow us to query on it later) of all CMS managed content - which includes tags, the content for each solution, page meta (like titles, keywords, etc.). The only thing without full i18n support is the video on the home page. You can also upload multiple types of media through the CMS, check out quotes received, etc. From start to finish, including all design work, content, browser compatibility testing, and programming, it took us (myself, one designer, and one video guy) about 2 months to complete. We'll be adding new features and usability enhancements over the coming months as we start seeing people actually use the site. Here is a video of working with the CMS (and shows off the i18n capabilities): The site is not totally finished (especially the CMS, which needs to have the look and feel cleaned up, and some ajax added). The code also needs to be cleaned up, anything throwing warnings in the error logs fixed, etc. We also need to produce product specific videos, branded service manuals / brochures /etc. We did feel the site was far enough along to launch and start having some of our customers, colleagues, friends and prospects use and give feedback. I enjoyed working with Fuel and this was the first project I've done with Fuel that was demanding enough to really learn it. Thanks again to the FuelPHP team = ) Here is the link to the site: Any feedback any of you have is highly appreciated!
  • Any chance of you open sourcing your site? I would love to see the code for your CMS.
  • Hello, I must say the cms really looks nice. so many options, and internalization.
    Great work using great framework :)
  • Thanks, man! I'm hoping the next project can be a lot better, as I learned a lot on this one.

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