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Session errors
  • I use Session class with Mysql db. All works fine, but my logs full of errors like: Error - 2011-02-12 20:16:58 --> Session update failed, session record could not be found. Concurrency issue? Is it normal situation?
  • No, that's not normal. You will get this error when you have (lots of) concurrent requests, for example on a page with lots of ajax calls with different processing times. In that case it can happen that the session id rotates on one of the requests, while running requests still use the old session id. When the request finishes, the shutdown event tries to update the session using the old id, which no longer exists. Most systems simply create a new session in that cause, causing you to loose all session information (like the famous sudden logout issue in CI), Fuel instead discards the session updates for that request, and logs this message to indicate this is happening. If this happens a lot, you need to investigate the reason for it.
  • I don't use ajax now. I use latest fuel (developer version) & auth package. Also I use HMVC requests for draw widgets on every page.
  • I see these as well now, I'll investigate.
  • Fixed. Was a cosmetic issue, DB::update actually returns 0 for some DB backends (like MySQL) when nothing in the record has changed.
  • Thanks, I will test today!

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