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Fieldset populate field values from Nested model?
  • Currently the Fieldset populate() method only populates values for a single Model. but if it has related Models it won't populate those fields .
    $form = \Fieldset::factory('report')->add_model('Pages\Model_Report')->populate($page, true);

    -- id
    -- user_id
    -- section
    -- title
    -- content Model_Report
    -- id
    -- page_id
    -- assigned_id
    -- report_link
    Model_Page::query()->where('id', $id)->where('section', 'report')->related('report')->get_one();

    Model_Page is related to Model_Report in one-to-one. The form has inputs for both tables, and right now only the field values for Model_Page only get populated. Right now I'm just doing:
    $form = \Fieldset::factory('report')->add_model('Pages\Model_Report')->populate($page, true)->populate($page->report, true);

    But i think there must be some other way of handling populating forms for related models.

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