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Installation as part of an existing Git repo
  • I appreciate this is probably really obvious to most but it took me a little while to figure out how to do as it's not documented.
    The installation instructions are spot on if you creating a new project but I'm working on an existing one and wanted to quickly create a new branch on my existing repo and give Fuel a whirl. I also wanted to be able to keep Fuel up to date via Git if necessary rather download a zip with each update. Here goes (within you current repo) git symbolic-ref HEAD refs/heads/fuelphp *call the branch what you like - fuelphp*
    rm .git/index
    git clean -fdx *this will clean up the branch completely, removing any untracked files too!* git remote add fuelphp git://
    git pull fuelphp develop *or master, your choice*
    git submodule update --init Done :) When you want to pull the latest changes - git pull fuelphp develop or master.

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