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Database type not defined in configuration
  • I just downloaded the latest core files from the Develop branch (1.0-138), and on a project that was working with v1.0 I'm getting an error: Fuel\Core\Fuel_Exception [ Error ]: Database type not defined in configuration Here's the trace: COREPATH/classes/database/connection.php @ line 64
    59        $config = \Config::get("db.{$name}");
    60            }
    62            if ( ! isset($config['type']))
    63            {
    64                throw new \Fuel_Exception("Database type not defined in {$name} configuration");
    65            }
    67            // Set the driver class name
    68            $driver = 'Fuel\\Core\\Database_'.ucfirst($config['type']).'_Connection';

    I believe the difference between version 1.0 and 138 is occurring in core/classes/config.php in the function get(). At line 144, the v1.0 code would see that static::$items[$parts[0]]$parts[1]] was set and return that value. In the -138 code, that value is null.
     public static function get($item, $default = null)
      if (isset(static::$items[$item]))
       return static::$items[$item];
      if (strpos($item, '.') !== false)
       $parts = explode('.', $item);
       switch (count($parts))
        case 2:
         if (isset(static::$items[$parts[0]][$parts[1]]))    // Line 144
          return static::$items[$parts[0]][$parts[1]];  

    Can anyone shed some light on what might have changed? Perhaps I missed a change in how to configure the database between v1.0 and the new develop branch. Thanks,

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