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Okay, Fuel runs. now where do I start
  • Hi folks, n00b here. I'm an experienced software engineer (I can do some mean assembly code, not to mention cobol, hahaha), I know a bit about php, but I'm new to OO and new to Fuel. Wanwizard has been kind enough to install a local development environment here. I've been reading docs and watching tutorials since. Now it's time to get to writing code. So here I sit with before me: a VM with Linux, Fuel and MySQ; a functional design; a DB schema. "Hello world" works. Now what are the next steps. Where do you suggest I start now? I don't really get the whole Fuel picture, or helicopter view if you prefer.
    Do I make DB tables in Fuel or in MySQL or perhaps in OIL? What's this "migrating" thing good for as long as you're coding v. 1.0? I ain't stupid I just don't get my arms around it at this time. Any hints will be highly appreciated.
  • I reckon what you need is a project. Maybe yet another photo album :) My mission is to:
    1. convert an old site to Fuel
    2. reduce the clutter
    3. use a modular approach to sort out the mess :) I've made my start:
  • Tnx. I perhaps ought to have been a little more specific. I have a project. It's a web based payroll app for a client. I built a mockup in html and php and the client loves it. Now I need to get started writing real code. I am hoping fuel will be my code generator for repetitive tasks. So, to be more concrete, let's say I start with an employee table with CRUD functions. I have the table desiged. Now what.
  • Tnx. Already read it twice.

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