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Validation in Model
  • how can i use auto validation in models?
    i am defined validation rules in $_properties, but when i tried to save a record rules not be used
    except defining validation rules in $_properties, what should i do?
  • thank you for help
    i use validation observer and validation rules works fine
    but now i have another problem:
    i have a field called slug in a table that must be unique
    i have _validation_unique() function (like that have been written in docs) in my extended validation class
    and i defined validation rules in $_properties including unique rule and defined validation observer
    in _validation_unique() function i need to know current operation is inserting or updating
    if program is inserting a record i should check slug
    and if program is updating a record i should cancel checking
    how can i do this?
    thank you so much for spending your time and reading my unclear notes

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