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Documentation: oil
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    ...but before getting into them it's best to make sure you are in the correct folder and oil is available and running.
    $ cd Sites/fuel
    $ php oil -v
    Fuel: 1.0.0-beta1

    So the correct folder is "/Sites/fuel" ? Not being silly. Just making a note of what was unclear to me on first readings. I am not git enabled yet. And if I stay at this for a few days, I will not longer notice these gaps in the budding documentation. If there is a preferred method let me know thanks. I am not familiar with mac ox much, but I gather this location is above the web root?
    Where is "the correct location" ?
    With so many config possibilities, can we even say?! Isn't it true that oil can be on the path?
    So the correct location is at the folder where you want your oil spill ? I'm going with "one level above /core/" for now.
    That is, in the installed directory containing packages and core, normally called fuel, normally above the web root. Oh fiddle. That's no good.
    Even though the sample welcome runs, oil says
    "This is not a valid Fuel installation so Oil is a bit lost." /home/shared/fuel
    /home/me/domains/mysite/public Hmm. Same message from either folder. Moving along fudging about now we get:
    Warning: require_once(/bootstrap.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/shared/fuel/oil on line 33 Oh heck. What IS oil? Aha. It is a php script without the php extension.
    Edit the paths at the top of the file for my setup and suddenly there is Texas Tea all over the place. Conclusion:
    There is no correct folder. There is a default install folder at best.
    The oil script itself is edited to point to your specific correctness.
    It's just php.
    Don't let the missing file extension fool ya.
  • informative!!
  • Forgot again. Tripped again. Try to make these notes more pithy you idiot. /user/bin/oil is a shell script to save typing "php oil" /path/to/your/app/oil is a php script and I must a) move it to my app folder (or app website folder, or wherever I prefer)
    b) edit to set set paths Or just rename them to and oil.php and don't get so whacko confused about it again.
  • you should not do a), it is fine were it is now. You only have to do b) if you have modified the default folder structure. The correct folder is the folder in which you have installed FuelPHP, which is the folder in which you find 'oil', the fuel folder, and the public folder. If you type "php oil -v" in that folder, it just works. "Sites/fuel" is just a random example. It can never be right, as we don't have a clue how your development environment is organised. My sites are in /data/www, and I use mod_vhost_alias with quite a complicated docroot structure. Try documenting that...

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