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Config Files in Modules
  • I am starting with a new project and decided to stick with Fuel over Codeigniter, and for the most part things are going smoothly. I have tried loading in some other modules I found on github: shopping cart ( and Amazon S3 ( The issue I am having is that when I load these modules the config files are not being read by the \Config:load function. I was able to move the config array into the class itself, but I am wondering if there is a bigger issue of why isn't it loading. Any help getting the configs to load correctly would really help. directory fuel
    --- app
    config.php This works after moving the config array into the cart.php file under classes.
    $cart = new \Ecommerce\Cart();
    $view = View::factory('welcome/index');
    $view->set('items', $cart->items()); Doing a var_dump on any config item returns NULL from a module.
  • Ecommerce and Amazon S3 are packages, not modules. Also the config.php file is not supposed to be read when loading a module or a package. For packages, the bootstrap.php is executed when the package is added.
  • Thanks Julian, that fixed the the problem.

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