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Multiple PK's
  • I'm working with a database that was migrated from an older Pervasive database to MySQL. Some database tables have multiple primary keys. Is there a way to specify these in the relational ORM mapping? Something like:
    // in a Model_Post which has many comments
    protected static $_has_many = array(
        'comments' => array(
            'key_from' => array(key1, key2),
            'model_to' => 'Model_Comment',
            'key_to' => array(key1, key2),
            'cascade_save' => true,
            'cascade_delete' => false,
  • That should work without any trouble, the system was setup with support for multiple PKs (if it's a string it's cast to array($string)).
  • Awesome, thanks for the quick response Jelmer. I just sat down to start work on it and will give this a shot then. I'll post back if I run into any hiccups.

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